LED Display

Eye Media Digital is a leading LED applications product and integrated solutions provider dedicated to LED product development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service; locally and internationally. Eye Media backs itself in delivering high-quality, high-performance LED products and solutions to our clients.

We are world Leaders in Fine Pitch LED and Premier Provider of Visual Experiences.. While Making the world more visual.

Its been our passion to provide unforgettable and useful visuals that thrive in all customer environments. We give you the ability to see enticing: images, data, advertising, movies, presentations, dashboard and advance gaming visuals to create experiences like no other.

We design keeping you in mind.

The display of information and imagery is central to the experiences we help create and business results that are achieved through fine qaulity visual data transmitted.

Experience and expertise second to none.

With decades of experience in LED, Flat Panel Display Technology, Projection, and Processing, we bring our expertise to big visualization challenges. We help you understand the technology options available to you and bring the latest and best offerings to your table.


LED Products:

  • Fixed LED Screen
  • Rental LED Screen
  • Sports LED Screen
  • Stage LED Screen
  • Interactive Screens



Eye Media Professional Engineers are always available 24/7 for Service & Support

  • Structures Fabrication
  • Displays production & Installation
  • Technical Facilities
  • Maintenance
  • Engineer Support